hfr – 001 Sick Llama Sickle Cell $9.00

Heath completely sucks because he gets to spend all of his time in Detroit making recordings on his Fag Tapes label. Fucker doesn't even have to work a shit job he's so good. You might know him from Odd Clouds, Death Com, Cygnus, Slither or for going on tour with Wolf Eyes.

hfr – 002 My Cantina Wide Awake $9.00

The sound of waking dreams lost in quotidian nights. Beautiful insomnia. Few people know that the band Corcovado started with Mike and Tina recording in their kitchen in Chicago. Over the years, their penchant for home recording turned into the project known as My Cantina. Thick layers of twilight guitars will make you gaze at your shoeless feet as you drift off to sleep. Tina's somnambulistic vocals will resonate in your dreams as you navigate the crepuscular landscape. The cover was painted by Jackie Hoving and then hand pressed with vegetarian inks in Portland, OR.

hfr – 003 Invisible Mansion Bird Week $9.00

This is the first double ep to come out on hidden feast. Both discs glow in the dark. The first is a collection of lost invisible mansion recordings. Imagine if Marc Bolan had a paint sniffing cousin who was into shoegazer.. The second disc is the soundtrack to the Lampftastic Lampstravaganza! Bird Week release installation.

hfr - 004 Night Toucher s/t $10.00

Carnival ride technicians repairing owl jetfighters. Imagine if Danny Elfman put an ovum in Stephen Hawking and told Robert Fripp to fertilize it under the guise of wiping. This band was formed from people who were in Lake Success and Cat Time. Some parts sound like those really intense moments in Goblin songs where you know the zombies are tearing the shit out of people. Imagine a 1980's Bill Gates putting " A Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" onto his record player and fucking for the entirety of the first side. Maybe it's no good to draw comparisons. Maybe you should just buy 500 copies of this beautiful digipak CD that was designed by Sebastian in Texas